Transferring to wordpress from blogger took me hours of time…

I spent most of the afternoon trying to transfer my new custom domain name that I purchased on wordpress to blogger. I just wasn’t having a lot of luck and my thinking was very foggy. Did you know that there is phone help for help with google domains? I called and was directed to calling some other company for the information I was seeking about C NAMES and where to enter it in the DNS…

I was getting tired by now, and so I just signed into again and tried playing around with it and I found it is a lot easier to use than I thought it would be.

In under 3 minutes I was able to export (back up) my blog on blogger to my computer and then import the posts straight into wordpress and they were ready to go! In under 3 minutes! Amazing! So now I love wordpress! Thank you, my patience, for sticking it out and learning more fun technical stuff.



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