When an idea for a new painting comes to me, I  become obsessed, but slowly, not yet really aware, that this idea was maybe meant for me to do something about it.

Then over a few days or even several weeks, certain things start to happen or come to
light. I now really start hearing the idea coming to its own life.

This ‘idea’ becomes magical. My dad has a small piece of a 10, 000 year old Woolly Mammoths’ tusk that a gold miner friend gave to him many years ago. It had cracked apart into several different layers. The amazing textures on each curved layer was calling out to me to paint these fossilized textures and organic designs.

Copyright Lena Rasmussen 2016 Tusks.JPG

Then several coincidences occurred. A local art group that I am a member of was putting on an art show with the theme called “Rock Paper Scissors Members’ Show. I thought that a painting inspired by the piece of ice age ivory tusk qualified it for the theme, because the ice age tusk was actually a fossil turned to ‘rock’.  To enter this show I also had to write a 100 word artist statement. Which led me to start researching online for more information about Woolly Mammoths and their ivory tusks.

Other coincidences happened. On television shows, advertising, online and on the news were mentions about Mammoths, ivory tusks and fossils that had been found from around the world and even here in Canada.

Maybe I was more open to the ‘magic’ that was happening because of a book I had been reading by author Elizabeth Gilbert called “Big magic. Creative Living. Beyond Fear”. A perfect little self helper book for artists who are very self-critical and obsessed with trying to be perfect. No one is perfect and probably never will be. This really helped relax my way of thinking, for awhile anyway.

The member artists’ requirement was for the painting to be under 12 inches for the pop up show at Iron Oxide Art Supplies. I’m not used to painting on small canvasses so this too was a challenge for me.

Copyright Lena Rasmussen 2016 Tusk I

Inspired by part of a Woolly Mammoths’ Tusk I – Painted by Lena Rasmussen

Copyright Lena Rasmussen 2016 Tusk II

Inspired by a piece of a Woolly Mammoths’ Tusk  II – Painting by Lena Rasmussen

In the end, I did paint two small paintings. But, my old critical self came back and I wasn’t able to meet the deadline! A big bummer of depression fell on me. But, I gave myself another kick and started working on a different painting with ‘hope’ to finish this painting in my thoughts. I guess I am obsessed with not giving up!

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed


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