Confused: About the process of painting over another painting!


In my blog, I  share my confusing thought processes as I go through struggles trying to complete a painting. I would also like to hear from any of you who struggle while trying to complete a painting, writing or any art related processes. And if you have any advice on how you get past these hard phases, I would love to hear from you.

At the beginning of August, I entered one of my many happy sunflower paintings called “Summer Sunflowers & Pears” for a new local art pop up show at the Nanaimo Arts Council called: “First Friday – Celebration!”

I re-painted over parts of this older completed painting, because I was unhappy with the colors and I felt that it needed to be fixed up a bit. I still liked the sunflowers and pears, so I let them be. Really? How unlike you to not wreck another painting, Lena! I had actually started a different painting for this show, a beautiful purple iris from my spring garden, but then all of a sudden I was losing confidence and started getting confused  (a daily prompt) about how it was all going, in other words I guess I didn’t plan it all out and was starting to hate it. So, I switched to another painting I had completed some time back, scolding myself, “do not destroy this painting, you better not destroy it, Lena!”

I love using really vivid colors when I paint that make me happy. I cut a large sponge in half and into the shape of a circle. I poured straight cadmium orange paint onto a palette and dipped the round sponge into the paint and started dabbing circles onto the background. Just going for it! Trying to get into the mode. So I worked on it and didn’t give up, and still parts of it I did not like (I shouldn’t have added the pinky color on the bowl) and time was running out and the deadline was looming closer…

Closing in on the drop-off time to bring the painting in, I quickly gave it the “Okay, you, just say it’s done, and even if it isn’t done, be done with it! Just let it go! Get going, time is running out!”  And, I dropped it off, about 30 minutes before cut off time. This was the third art show this summer that I had tried to enter and I was determined to not to fail again! I had to cancel out the other two shows because I couldn’t beat the deadline. Very embarrassing…

Below you can view the confused stages of my painting “Summer Sunflowers and Pears”
Copyright Lena Rasmussen 2015-2016

This painting below with the dark purple is the first painting I completed and entered into a different members show in 2015. You can click on a photo and arrow to the right to see the photos in order.

All images and paintings are copyrighted by Lena Rasmussen 2015-2016

This is the completed painting below that I entered into the Nanaimo Arts Council Pop-up show called “First Friday, Celebration!” located in the Network Hub  a shared office space and meeting room in Nanaimo, BC.


“Summer Sunflowers and Pears” original painting by Lena Rasmussen – Medium: Acrylic mixed media – Size:36″x 36″ –

Copyright Lena Rasmussen 2015-2016


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