Hi, my name is Lena Rasmussen

and I am mostly a self-taught artist from Vancouver Island, BC. I am a great procrastinator and I am always late for all my deadlines and appointments. I have read it is because the artist’s mind is just so busy with too many pictures and thoughts that we actually lose track of time 😉

I have gotten over a some of my procrastination and silly shyness to post some of my not so daily paintings. I have entered art exhibits. I have opened an Etsy shop. I am painting more. I couldn’t have done it without my two cat art critics Mr. Magoo and fat princess cat Miss Miso.

I keep trying to move forward with my goals!

Have you ever gotten stuck in the everyday cycle of not having enough time or energy to move forward ? I have to keep reminding myself what have I got to lose ? I lose more if I don’t take these chances…

I plan to also post some of my other paintings that have taken me from a few hours to many many days to almost complete.


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