A little more about me

I am a mostly a self-taught artist. I live, breathe, and dream about different paintings all the time. I especially love painting Sunflowers and Poppies from my garden. I usually paint from memories and visions in my mind. I paint for myself…I just have to! I have been wanting to share my art online here since I started on ebay 10 years ago!
But, I found myself going off in a different direction, and I put that dream on hold, unfortunately, a bit too long! Time goes by ever so fast, and every year goes by quicker. And here I am holding my breath – that I am making the right decision to share my art work with you, and the world. It’s such a scary thing for me to do! I finally have gotten up the nerve to show, share and sell my paintings.
I am really attached to all of my paintings! I have put so much of myself into them and so many hours and they make me so happy when I see them everyday, I know that I am going to miss them!
I am rather shy and like most artists I am highly critical of my work. It is difficult sometimes to say that a painting is completed. Some canvasses have about ten or so different versions of what I’m trying to say! A lot of people say I paint Happy Paintings!
I hope you will like my paintings!