Nanaimo artist finds beauty in the sea creatures (jelly fish) found at Neck Point Park, Nanaimo, BC

My first solo art show!
Yay! I had the show several years ago, but I never figured out how to add it into my blog. Now I have and so here it is.

“I see gold” solo art show. Here are some paintings of the beautiful and amazing jelly fish I painted.

From left to right: Looking through the jellyfish painting, Looking through the jellyfish and visualizing sea shells and bits of gold Continue reading

Fixing errors in my blog

I tried the google webmasters tool to check my other ‘Paintings by Lena‘ blog for errors. There were so many errors and I tried to find a solution but wasn’t successful and the only way I could think of fixing all the errors was to go back to my first blog and start fresh from there. If there are no errors, then I will continue using this blog from now on. I’m crossing my fingers that I will be error free from now on in.

Making a Logo for my etsy shop

So, I am adding a badge for my shop on etsy. I’m chugging along, slowly but surely. I did figure out how to make the logo and add this badge that links to my shop…

I cannot believe how complicated I make supposedly easy things to do. Like making a Logo. I have been using publisher, word, and paint with Windows 8.1. But, I cannot design or change the one I beautifully designed taking me over 2 days to complete using Publisher.

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Well, I guess I’m not much of a blogger. Almost more than a year has gone by since I first started this blog. I was very much inspired to be a daily painter, but that hasn’t quite worked out for me. I am still painting, several times per week, but not daily. In my quite busy daily life I make the time to paint.